Turn Your Medium Articles Into a Book

Jennifer N. Adams
6 min readApr 21, 2022

How you can start making money publishing your fiction or non-fiction articles by turning them into a book

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Have you ever considered writing a book but you weren’t sure where to start or what to write? It seems like most of us here on Medium are authors or aspiring to be one.

Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, poetry, travel, or even recipes, if you’ve been writing on Medium for a while, you can use your articles for your book or start a series.

Adding ‘author’ to your resume not only looks good but also adds more to your income.

I Didn’t Consider Writing Non-Fiction At First

I’ve been an author for almost 10 years now but I didn’t consider writing non-fiction until a few years ago when I published my first non-fiction book, followed by a book of poems and short stories.

Then, last year I created my Indie Authorpreneur Series, adding 4 more non-fiction books to my series which helps aspiring authors learn more about their craft, as well as help others who are inspired to write a book but aren’t sure where to start, as well as how to market your book.

Since creating my series, I have expanded my business, as well as watched my income grow.

Where To Begin

Some of my earlier articles here on Medium came from some of my non-fiction books on writing. I had cut out some of the contents and pasted them into a new article here on Medium. I then cut stuff out here and there and added to it so that it read well.

I didn’t always use what was in my books for my articles. It was simply a starting point for me here on Medium. I started to write newer articles that followed that same…

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