How I started Making Over $1000 a Month

Jennifer N. Adams
4 min readAug 23, 2021

Turning a Side Hustle Into a Full-time Job

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Last year was a pivotal moment for me as an author. Covid had a lot of people finding things to occupy their time while on lockdown, such as reading.

All of my books are in ebook format and because of that, I saw a huge increase in sales, hitting my peak in July 2020 of over $1100.

Amazon makes it easy to publish through their KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) program. You can publish audio, paperbacks, large print books, as well as ebooks.

I Made $900-$1100 a Month

I made a steady $900-$1100 a month from May to October of 2020. However, my sales went down for November and December, as sales usually do for authors, but they picked right back up in January 2021 and continued to go up from there.

I won’t share what I actually earn every month now, but I will tell you that I am making much more than last year. In fact, I surpassed what I earned for last year’s total sales.

How do I do it? I started publishing several titles a year, mostly short stories and novellas in popular niches and genres. I have published a few standalone books, but my books that are in a series are my reader’s preferred choice.

I knew of a few niches that would be popular to write in, as well as a few genres, but there were a few that I discovered on my own that was just as profitable.

I Didn’t Take My Writing Serious At First

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