Being Active and Persistent is Important Here On Medium

Jennifer N. Adams
4 min readApr 21, 2022

Inactivity can kill your numbers; reads, followers, subscribers, and earnings

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When I started writing on Medium over a year ago, I didn’t put in the effort that it required to see anything become of it. It was a little of not knowing what to write and a bit of not having the time and a whole lot of not putting in the effort.

When I finally figured out what I wanted to write about and finally had the time, I was consistently writing and publishing articles every week and the followers slowly trickled in.

What Happens When You’re Inactive

After persistently publishing articles 2–4 times a week, responding to comments, joining publications and writing contests, my followers, subscribers, and preferred members flowed in like a river after a good rain.

It was a good rain too as I made it to the $100 club once and came close to doing it a few more times, but it was due to staying active. I had published over 100 articles within 3 1/2 months, some of them were quite popular and was bringing in quite a bit of the earnings I was making on Medium.

But, in November and December, my writing began to slow down as I had to deal with another blow in my personal life that affect my mental health.

I tried to stay focused and wrote a little here and there, but within the last few months, however, those numbers (followers, subscribers, reads, earnings) started to drop and people have begun unfollowing me and unsubscribing due to inactivity.

It was kind of upsetting seeing the numbers dwindle. I didn’t know people would literally hit unsubscribe and unfollow. I felt bad because I didn’t have the motivation to write. I felt as if I let my readers down.

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